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In previous articles we talked about the importance of analyzing a system and the part played by the software involved in this process.

More often, we face with our clients the need to evaluate the entire design phase with particular attention to the initial and final stages. In this case the 1D models generated with Altair Twin Activate are valuable tools.

What are 1D models and what are they used for?

1D models are models in computation without a geometric view of the object. This differentiates them from 2D models and 3D models, because they simplify the process, allowing simple integration of different objects and physics connected to each other. We can visually identify them as many interconnected chains called ‘Concentrated Parameter Networks’. The 1D model, as mentioned above, can be used throughout the design phase:

  • Scouting or pre/design phase: The 1D model can be used to make simple but quick assessments
  • Final phase: The 1D model is useful for integrating, in the same computational environment, the results of detailed simulations from different FEM/CFD tools through maps and/or FMUs

What are the advantages of building a 1D model for your system?

We asked this question to our designers, and find out what they said about the main advantages:

  • The 1D model is a faster tool, in terms of calculation time, than a FEM2D/3D model
  • Within one model, it is possible to consider an entire system and not just one component. For example: using Flux, I can simulate in detail an electric motor considering all its physics, while in the 1D model I can have an overview of the vehicle, from the battery to the wheels, including all aspects including electromagnetic, thermal, hydraulic, multibody kinematics and so on.

Because of the positive feedback, we advise our customers to build 1D models of their system. Moreover, the 1D model can be used when the speed of simulation is not compatible with 2D models and 3D models (e.g., in the case of real-time simulations) or in the case of reverse engineering activities where it is not possible to trace back the geometric and physical information needed to build a 2D or 3D model.

After reading this article, don’t you think it’s time to build tailored 1D model for your company?

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