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Altair is the US head office of the simulation software that Spin distributes. Leaving today from Malpensa Airport with me there are the Managing Director and the direct and indirect sales director of Altair together with other representatives of Italian resellers.

For me who I am there for work, time passes quickly between meetings, lunches, dinners and people, people, many new people; Americans above all, but then Indians, Chinese, Poles, South Africans, Dutch, French etc …, all there as me to make their own contribution, to listen and applaud.

For the Altair event, there is an area dedicated at the 6th floor, where presentations of software, meetings with technical developers, exchange of opinions, questions and much more are taking place. There is a desire for open confrontation, many good ideas, advice, sales strategies and an eye to the future, the electric world and its innovations. It seems clear, to be in the right place … what better place to represent this can not be arrested: progress, in all its forms!

Happy to be there to represent my working group, my “smart” colleagues, whom I feel I have to thank.

Days pass by taking notes, speaking, shaking hands, smiling to everyone; fixing those dates, those faces, those images in my mind so as not to forget what Altair has given to me the chance to experience.

Before the greetings there is time for a ride in the desert, an Arab dinner accompanied by dances and music, and above all some other photos.

All unforgettable.

Dubai, is the capital of one of the 7 United Arab Emirates and is considered the New York Arab, and so it appears to me when I arrived: huge skyscrapers that seem to never end, modernity, majestic buildings and so much genius. They made an empire of sand, “transformed” the oil into concrete and gave life to one of the richest cities in the world. Undoubtedly, well-being is the word that most seems to translate what I see. Then, order, almost maniacal cleanliness, and a lot of friendliness.

Dubai can be seen with the nose up or down, so everything looks huge or very small.

30B zone E, is the place on the return flight, it’s dark outside at 4 am, I’m tired but I can’t get to sleep, everything mixes, emotions, perfumes, smells and hugs.

Mind and heart for once both agree, I feel I want to thank everyone for having made me live this experience.

There is still a curiosity, a useful cue that leads to reflection and a question: The Arab Emirate of Dubai has established two new ministries, that of happiness (whose minister is a young woman of 22 years) and that of tolerance; In my opinion, the spasmodic attention of this Arab petro-state to the well-being of the community intrigues me, where many contradictions still remain, where the role of women is not well defined and where there is a meticulous search for wealth in all its manifestations.

But the spontaneous question is: if you were the happiness minister of Dubai, what would you do?

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