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For the second year the Altair Unite event took place in Dubai.

For Spin two of us, Alessandro Tassi and I. We landed and we were in a completely different world and the skyline was really different from what we see from our windows in Italy: skyscrapers, lights, sand and sea.

Such a strange atmosphere, like being in a soap bubble.


The event organized by Altair brings together 160 partners from 55 different countries. Knowing and talking to these different people is certainly something that enriches us a lot. With the first presentations we can understand that Altair gives great importance to culture and values ​​and it always looks ahead, continuously improves.

Innovation has the feet on the ground, in Heavy Industry, Mining, Manufacturing, Automotive and so on.

Altair always makes acquisitions, investments precisely to have a diversification of the market, all of this is part of Altair’s DNA. See as an example Pollex

We can’t forget the great flexibility that these professional tools can give.


Alessandro presented a case study solved by using FluxMotor, a winning one! Spin is collaborating with Altair France about this subject and it’s useful to work together!

Vincent Leconte went on presenting the upcoming features of FluxMotor.


The opportunity to meet different people cultures always makes me happy: I am curious to ask and know how other resellers work in their country and how they interface with their customers.

From every technical presentations that are made we certainly had ideas, visions and suggestions for the future. It’s nice to be together with people who are smart and friendly.

After two days working Altair organised a cruise just to have a different point of view to the city … I liked this kind of approach: one subject but many different position!


Leah asked for some questions as feedback and she so, during the interview she makes me feel very comfortable!

We make plans for the future together and we definitely want to deepen this part of the world that we still don’t know!

See all of you next year. Bye, Anna

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