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But, how can you do it? Are you going to visit an exhibit dedicated to an invader?

Yes, of course, we visit it because we are curious and because Hannibal with his attack awakened a Rome that rested on its laurels. In this way Rome was threatened and shaken, unleashed, just as in Annibale’s premonitory dream in which the monster who devoured everything was truly a symbol of Rome: anyway Hannibal was the reason for the rebirth of the Roman Empire.

We know Piacenza through the exhibition

How nice to know the city that hosts our business! We finished our work in Spin and at 17:00 we were at the entrance of Palazzo Farnese waiting for our guide, Noemi.

With Noemi we appreciated the tactics of combat, commented on the videos of the various battles, understood the way in which the Romans changed the way they fight just to overcome a leader who made a war of movement: he withdrew and fought at the same time. We were incredulous to hear Hannibal’s oath of hatred towards Rome, he swore when he was just a child and this should be considered as the starting point of the challenge, of conquest.

A great army and the elephants

His army was huge: the column of soldiers counted 90 thousand people and five hours of walking between head and tail!

The elephants were painted with golden fangs and blue ears and was given to each driver a very long nail that would have to be sticked in the animal’s head to stop it in case it got mad during the trip. In order to cross the waterways, Hannibal builds rafts covered by leaves so that the elephants thought of resting their paws on the mainland.

More details

Among the curiosities, the use of acorns made of lead missiles launched by a sledge and that, in addition to injury, reported inscriptions of insults to enemies.

We appreciate the technology and care with which the museum was set up: the movies, the holograms of the coins and the patterns of the battles projected on the “round table”.

We also discover new information about Piacenza and the existence of an Etruscan temple in Via delle Benedettine, now disappeared because made of wood.

We end up seeing the marble bust of Hannibal, who, rather than surrender himself to the enemy, drinks poison, jealously guarded in his ring.

We will go on discovering Piacenza together, see you next tour!

Watch the video and discover what happened after the guided tour in Piacenza ….

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