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Excellent organization!

Sandro, Luigi and I hadn’t arrived in Paris yet and the ATC App, downloaded on the phone, had given us all the information on the different presentations: really useful.

Men at work, really: many people from Altair we know as Karoline, Monica, Paolo, Carlo, Alessia …. I really liked the email with pictures of that work in progress!

A voice, a face

This Altair Conference is a global event and it was nice to meet people and give them a face: Fabrice, Yann, Vincent and all the Flux and FluxMotor developers along with other distributors, all guys we often hear only over the phone.

Great general involvement and desire to know each other and ask questions.We also had the opportunity to speak English three days along and, as Yvette who works in US told me: “… You are lucky because I speak only English while you can use different languages in Europe”. Well, I liked this consideration!

A creepy future

The first day all the presentations made us jump into the future. James Scapa started with his speech and he, in a very informal way, announced the new acquisition of Simsolid, a software that made everyone jump off the chair; other presentations showed us a future from huge constructions, no angles and made of innovative materials, cement and fiber, in the end we saw a robot which self-learnt from its mistakes and this scared us a little bit ….

What all these themes had in common with Altair is availability and openness to different solutions!

Spin goes fast

It is really a pleasure to hear that Spin is mentioned by Altair as a working and technical reality; Luigi’s presentation about our new electric motors interface was really appreciated: people asked him a lot of questions.  He spoke with so much self-confidence that everyone recognize in his words: safety, content and novelty.

Our Interface, automates calculation processes of electric motors from an electromagnetic, thermal, mechanical and vibroacoustic point of view by launching Altair’s solvers in the background

People liked so much Spin Interface that on the second day Luigi was invited to participate at the round table dedicated to electromagnetic optimization with technical questions.

A nice moment of aggregation and comparison, au revoir Paris!

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