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At Spin we design Electro-medical devices for Cardio-respiratory systems and Innovative solutions for Pharmaceutical and Food Packaging - Sanitation

Biomedical devices are decisive for our health: that’s why science and technology push towards innovation.

Spin has been developing different projects in the Biomedical, Pharmaceutical and Packaging Sanitation fields. We followed every project in the phases of simulation, prototyping and industrialization.

We offer different services for this field:

  • Automation – Machinery: to improve the sanitation of industries we develop magnetic and electromagnetic coupling, rotating electric magnets, linear motors, magnetic levitation systems
  • Simulation: we develop complex models in simulation, organic parts models, biological effect on electromagnetic fields, fluid-dynamics analysis, control systems
  • Sensors: we analyze and design sensors for Electromedical devices and Food Services

We are Eurosets’ partners: together we developed the heart-lung Modular Device for hybrid operating rooms

Biomedical devices
Bearing-less Motor

We design and develop prototypes of Motors with Levitating Rotors – without bearings – for biomedical and industrial applications, to avoid contamination levels.

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