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Spin supports companies, research centers, engineers and PhD students in the realization of new projects, organizes training courses and hosts thesis students and interns, providing the know-how and assistance needed to develop their work according to the latest scientific advances. We also offer in-depth thematic webinars on specific software or topics in the field of electromagnetism and mechanical design.

Training for Spin is the driving force behind product and process innovation. Log in to the interactive e-learning platform to stay up-to-date with the latest news from the engineering world. Subscribing gives you access to the Video Library section that gathers free content available to you without time limits.

Thesis topics academic year 2023

  • Electric drives of rotating electrical machines: computer analysis and laboratory verification
  • Simulation of electric powertrains: monitoring the state of charge of batteries during electric vehicle use cycles
  • Vibro-acoustic analysis for the reduction of Noise Vibration Harshness in electric vehicle motors, with experimental verification
  • Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Particle-based Fluid Dynamics in the analysis and dimensioning of advanced cooling systems for rotating electrical machines
  • Methods for measuring, calculating and reducing proximity losses in the windings of rotating electrical machines, with experimental verification
  • Methods for measuring, calculating and reducing iron losses in rotating electrical machines, with experimental verification
  • Electric motor reliability: durability and thermal issues addressed through simulation and laboratory tests
  • Research and computer modelling of insulating materials for high-voltage electric motors
  • Integrated electromagnetic simulation with electronic control systems for electromechanical devices
  • Concentrated parameter modelling of magnetic devices: integration with the characterisation of hard and soft ferromagnetic materials

The topics listed involve different application areas: Automotive, Transport, Aerospace, House appliances, Lifting, Industry equipment, Automation, Energy.

Students will be able to attend training days and other events organized by Spin and interact periodically with staff technicians to learn more about topics of interest and receive training and support in the use of the software.

If you are an undergraduate student and wish to develop your thesis on a topic related to our fields of activity, submit it to us. You will be able to prepare it in Spin and have one of our experts as your supervisor. Remember to include all details of your course and thesis.

If you are a recent graduate in one of our fields of activity and would like to do an internship to gain work experience, please send us your application. Remember to include all educational details, specialisation and title of the thesis, year and supervisor.

Do you want to do your thesis or internship at Spin? Fill in the form and send us your application

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