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Spin is an innovative company that combines competence and enthusiasm with a passion for innovation and for developing the potential of each individual. We invest in people and encourage them to make their own contribution, accompanying them on a path of professional growth with development and training programmes and the recognition of commitment.

Working with us means becoming part of a team where passion for the world of electromechanics and technology is the distinguishing feature. We are always looking for talented, motivated and curious people, to whom we offer a dynamic and success-oriented environment.


Mechanical Engineer

Aerospace Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Physical Engineer

Are you interested in working in a challenging environment and joining our team? Introduce yourself and forward us your CV. Remember to include your education and work experience and specify the subject of your application.

Our 4 simple rules

Being part of the Spin team means making the most of learning, practice, individual and group work.

This principle is the basis of our 4 simple rules, which are:

1) Respect
There are no differences in gender, sex, religion, origin and age, and we will not create them!

2) Courtesy and comfort, towards oneself and the group
We strongly believe in an environment of courtesy and consideration of others. This applies to everyone: everyone contributes to a healthy and comfortable learning environment.

3) Let’s explore and build together
The office is a place for growth and sharing. Here we explore our limits and work together to overcome them.

4) Responsibility and openness
If something makes us feel uncomfortable, we say so. If we feel that our efforts have not been recognised, we point it out. If we have strategies in mind to improve the process, we expose them. We want everyone to feel free to experience a new path, where it is normal to share fears or doubts and where every idea is welcomed and evaluated.

Would you like to be part of the Spin team? Fill in the form and send us your application

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