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We design and develop special electric motors focusing on innovation, using the latest technological solutions.

We offer tailor-made technological solutions for each specific project. Starting from the initial idea, we are able to define the best approach for our client. Thanks to our experience, our clients trust our precise and well-defined working model that allows us not only to optimize time but also achieve excellent results.

Thanks to our team’s multidisciplinary and varied skills, we are able to deal with many different industrial sectors which include Automotive, household appliances, electric mobility, energy, automation, aerospace, motorsport, biomedicine and transport.

Electric motors available

Spin has designed and developed special electric motors for important Italian and international brands that are now produced on an industrial scale.

For more information about the products and the technical aspects , fill out the contact form.

Synchronous Reluctance Motors
Special Electric Motors

External diameter: 150 mm

Parcel height: 110 mm

Max power: 1.5 kW

Max speed: 10000 rpm

Working voltage: 200V

Notes: Torque ripple 2.3%

Industrial Vehicle Motors
Custom Electric Motors

External diameter: 115 mm

Parcel height: 80 mm

Max power: 6.6 kW

Max speed: 18000 rpm

Working voltage: 400V


Traction Motors - Low Torque Ripple

External diameter: 180 mm

Parcel height: 140 mm

Max power: 190 kW

Max speed: 27000 rpm

Working voltage: 590V

Notes: Torque ripple < 3%

Line Start Permanent Magnet Motors (LSPM)
Electric motor production

External diameter: 80 mm

Parcel height: 50 mm

Max power: 2 kW

Max speed: 8000 rpm

Working voltage: 115 V

Application: Aerospace

Other Types Of Electric Motors

Spin supports its customers in both the design and production stages of all types of electric motors including special and customized electric motors guaranteeing high quality standards!

Electric motors supply
Synchronous reluctance motor
Permanent magnet brushless motor
Torque motor
Axial flux motor
Magnetic levitation motor
Linear motor
Asynchronous motor

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