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Biomedical Devices

Design of electromedical devices for cardio-respiratory systems and innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical, food packaging and sanitization industries

Spin has significant experience designing, prototyping and industrializing different systems for the electro-medical (electro-medical devices), pharmaceutical and food preservation sectors, having followed various products starting from the concept and computer simulation, up until the prototyping and industrialization.

These increasingly strategic sectors have become essential for our well-being where scientific research and advanced technology have driven high innovation and competition.

In this field we can offer the following services:

  • Automation-machinery: we can study and manufacture magnetic and electromagnetic couplings, rotating electric motors, linear motors and magnetic levitation systems for the industry and in sterile environments
  • Computer simulation: we manage complex computer models, models of organic parts, biological effects of electromagnetic fields, fluid dynamics analysis and control systems
  • Sensors: we analyze and design sensors for electro-medical devices and for food & beverages
  • Prototyping and manufacturing of electromechanical components and for biomedical engineering

Together with EUROSETS, we have developed a modular heart-lung machine for the equipment of hybrid operating rooms


Levitating rotor blood pump

Spin has designed and manufactured an innovative electric motor with a levitating rotor for a…

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