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Product engineering – Choice of production technology and materials

We guide you in making your choice of production technologies (winding, laminations, castings, processing, electronics, traditional molding and 3D printing) and materials (ferromagnetic, permanent magnets, compacted, low losses, high temperatures, plastics, metals) up to the defining the entire production process and product engineering.

Product engineering - Production technology

Turning an idea into a product

Concept, planning,
execution and control

We give support and assistance during each project phase following the agreed upon stage & gate process. We provide innovative product designs, we verify the IP (industrial property), we develop business plans, we find necessary partners and we provide prototyping assistance and industrial development. We deal directly with the suppliers of components, along with molders and all the other players involved in the project in order to find the best solutions staying within your budget.


See it
with your own eyes

With today’s competition, developing new solutions extremely quickly is crucial. We develop and create prototypes using additive manufacturing (3D printing techniques in metal, rubber and plastic) or with mechanical processing, providing prototypes that not only look good but are also functional in order easily and quickly validate the product.

Product engineering

Turning an idea
into a product

We offer a complete analysis of a product’s feasibility and provide design integration using process technologies. We offer effective support in the phases of defining the technology and production process in order to design a product that can be produced according to the technical specifications.

Examples of industrialization

Courtesy of MARSILLI©

Courtesy of MARSILLI©

Examples of prototypes developed by Spin
Brushless electric motor for a water pump

Brushless electric motor for a water pump

Electric motor 30000 rpm

Electric motor 30000 rpm – 120 kW for an electric vehicle

PM line start electric motor

PM line start electric motor

Linear electric motor

Linear electric motor

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