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My name is Federico Damiano and I am a former student of electrical engineering at the University of Pavia. I did my Master’s thesis in Spin, which I got to know thanks to my supervisor.

I was here for the first time during the FluxMotor course on 4 October 2017. I can’t say whether I was more impressed by the software interface or the welcome shown to me, but I do know that I decided it was right to continue in this direction.

After a few months, just long enough to take my last university exams, I began my thesis, which lasted from March 2018 to October 2018. During these months, I was able to get to know better all the people who make up the Spin team, as well as other calculation programmes during the numerous events that are organised throughout the year, which are also attended by many companies interested in learning about these design software.

If I had to sum up Spin in two words, I would say that it is a ‘dynamic’ and ‘family-like’ environment. Dynamic because it is constantly evolving and always in step with new trends and market demands; familiar because at Spin you always have the feeling of being in one big family. If you are a student like me who is passionate and interested in designing electrical machines, you are sure to find everything you are looking for at Spin.


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