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I am excited to share my 6 month internship experience. This period was not only educational, but also extremely rewarding thanks to the exceptional team I had the privilege of knowing.

My thesis focused on the creation of a simulation scheme to implement various control strategies present in modern industry for the control of the current entering a synchronous reluctance motor.

From the beginning, I felt a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere within the company. Every member of the team made me feel like an integral part from day one, creating an environment where I could express my ideas and continuously learn.

One aspect that I particularly appreciated was the variety of projects to which I was able to contribute, including the possibility of following laboratory activities. This offered me a comprehensive perspective of the company’s activities, allowing me to apply the knowledge acquired during my studies in a practical and effective way. The diversity of the challenges faced allowed me to develop versatile skills and adapt quickly to new situations.

In conclusion, my internship was an amazing time. Thanks to a knowledgeable and passionate team, I have had the opportunity to learn, contribute and grow in meaningful ways. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a challenging and rewarding work environment.

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Nicholas Minafra

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