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Integrating the special skills from the three companies to get a finished product

Sometimes the easiest solution is the best. This time was to combine the production of ultra-silent pumps with that of electric motors, in order to integrate the entire process, including the design, and provide the market with a complete, innovative, sustainable and highly efficient product: a silent electric pump integrated with the engine, based on patented technologies, with applications in various fields that relate to the energy transition.

This is just the start of Green Silence, the new Italian hub for sustainable technologies specializing in industry and proprietary electric mobility. Green Silence is part of Xenon Private Equity, which combines the skills of three companies, 100% acquired through a holding company. The three companies are: Settima Meccanica from Piacenza, specialized in the hydraulics sector for 40 years, famous for its ultra-silent pumps; Spin, also from Piacenza, active in the design of advanced engines for cars and household appliances; and Motivee from Brescia, known for industrial electric motors, mechanical speed reducers and electronic drives for power transmission. The group will launch the new patented range of electric motors: high-performance, ultra-compact, produced rare-earths free and among the quietest in the world.

«By putting these technologies together, we can offer customers a finished project, entirely based on our patents», explains Franco Prestigiacomo, CEO of Xenon and president of Green Silence. The three companies, which will each continue their own activities in the areas of expertise, will work together to provide the market with new solutions, covering a range of activities ranging from the design and construction of electric motors to intelligent electro-hydraulic systems for industry and electric mobility.
Green Silence speaks to companies that produce heavy electric vehicles (trucks, vans and bus), which require oil circuits to operate their devices: doors, steering, weight lifting platforms and so on. But also, to manufacturers of robots, or lubrication and cooling systems. «Our technologies are intended for critical and complex applications, which require high quality products – says Prestigiacomo -. We are Italian indeed, and therefore forced to compete to achieve the highest quality possible.”

The “quietness” of the pumps is not just a detail, but an essential element in the path of greater sustainability and efficiency that companies must face. “What makes the most noise in electric vehicles is the pump that turns the oil, which generates friction. Noise causes energy dispersion, a loss of efficiency – adds the entrepreneur. Our models are totally silent and sustainable, because they are driven by motors without permanent magnets, and this means that we do not depend on Chinese rare earths for production. Furthermore, we manage to obtain a superior product in terms of performance, durability and sustainability.

The new group now has over 200 employees, with a turnover of around 50 million euros (over 80% generated abroad, especially in the United States, Northern Europe and Asia), but the goal is to go over the 80 million in three years, and ultimately reach 100 million by 2028, explains the president.

Artcle edited by:  Giovanna Mancini – Sole 24ore – Imprese & Territori section

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