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Electrification has many interesting applications: automotive, industrial and home appliance.

We are living in a moment of transition energy-wise: these different fields will require innovative technologies.

It is crucial to look further into custom electric motors and devices.

We are going to show you some significant projects our R&D team developed, Axial Flux motor and SUZZI solutions for windings, which is interesting for traction-based devices, Synchronous reluctance motor. Optimized internally by Spin for the industrial appliance and Motor with wound rotor, especially intriguing for the automotive field.

After the design process, the motors were tested in our laboratory where we used the data system and motor to generate 1D Models. Than thanks to the partnership with Intek, in addition to the complete characterization of electric motors and materials, we are able to provide ATEX, EMC and environmental tests.

Credit: Gabriele De Boni (Spin) R&D Department – Motor control specialist

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