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Morphing is a technique to change directly the shape of mesh. It is useful to make “shape” optimizations, to quickly explore geometry variants without modify it by CAD software and to adapt an existing mesh on new surface.

In picture 1 you can see a section of a rotor rotating over 30000 rpm.
It is subject a centrifugal force, so the circle red zone generally can have mechanical stress peak.

With the “alter dimension” morphing you can change directly one model ‘dimension’, such as an angle, a distance, a radius or other. So it is possible to quickly modify the geometry that has to be mechanical verified.

The only one preliminary operation is to create one ‘domain’ (the elements set to modify) of kind ‘2D’ or ‘edge’.

The vantage of this technique is evident in case of multiphysics optimizations.
In the case of picture 1 it is possible optimize the geometry finding the electromagnetic optimum and after quickly find the geometry that no stress excessively the material.

The morphing is indispensable to execute “shape” optimization while allows to speed up enormously the check operations.

Un alternative can be to modify the geometry with CAD software, re-import it in Hypermesh, re-mesh the body, re-define the parameters, the constraints and the load and finally re-do the analysis.

Electric motor rotor section

Mesh morphing - Electric motor rotor section

Original fillet – Modified fillet

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