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Data, Software and AI are going to be more and more a crucial part of the Engineering world.

These three topics have a common ground: the metamodel. Metamodel is a mathematic model made of analytical equations that can replicate and describe the real behavior of the object of study.

How to use the metamodel in Engineering?

Metamodel is Spin’s solution for AI technology. Our R&D follows the client’s need and new trends to put together innovative solutions, simplified calculus methods and user-friendly interfaces used to make the design process even easier. Metamodel is an innovative and accurate tool that has many applications because it is highly predictive. The metamodel predicts the behavior of the object under study through a simple equation.

We can use the metamodel in every field in the engineer world, it can be used in both simple and complex systems.

For example, resizing: any product that has already been analyzed – maybe already on the market, needs to be in a different size but same topology. How does changing dimensions impact its final behavior? The metamodel can instantly determine it.

What are the advantages of the metamodel?

There are several advantages:

  • It can instantly show the variation’s impact on the final behavior
  • Given a desirable output, it calculates the initial parameters for the best configuration (through optimization)
  • Efficiency: it cuts costs and saves time on design and analysis
  • sustainability: it visualizes performance output before completing the prototype, cutting down waste

Spin’s tech team developed different metamodels in order to meet every need: magnetic coupling and reluctance motors, both using predictive machine learning and neural networks. We are proud to say the metamodel is Spin’s solution for AI technologies: a practical and accurate tool that can be tailored on custom need.

Credit: Agnese Castellani (Spin) – R&D Department

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