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Pre-Design Tools | Swift By Spin

Fast, reliable and easy pre-design tools that can estimate the performance of any device

Suite of pre-design tools: Swift Mosaic, software 100% made by Spin.

Our philosophy is that our clients needs are our priority. So we developed a project that can support them in pre-design applications. This is a light take on the software world, because we want to give the quickest and simplest solution to our clients.

Swift is made up with different fast, reliable, easy calculation and design-tools that can estimate the performance of any device.

Advantages of using Swift pre-design tools

SIMPLE: A user-friendly interface makes possible for everyone to use it
FAST: Just a few minutes divide you and the results
ACCURATE: Reliable in the analysis
CONVENIENT: Avoids you the need of buying a FEM software
CUSTOM: Swift can be whatever you want and more, based on your needs

Avoid surprises on the bench test, choose Swift!

Discover Swift’s Applications

Swift | Axial Flux Motor

Axial Flux Motor is the application for Electric Motors with Axial Flux

Swift | Electromagnet

Electromagnet is all about linear electromagnetic actuators analysis

Magnet pre-design tools

Swift | Magnet

Magnet is the application for electromagnetic calculation of permanent magnets

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