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Swift | Electromagnet

Electromagnet is all about linear electromagnetic actuators analysis.

The electromagnet operation involves so many physics inputs such as thermal, electromagnetics, dynamics. And most of the software can only analyze these inputs separately! But with Swift Electromagnet it is possible to have all the tools to manage the inputs, on the same software.

Swift Electromagnet will make calculation process automatic and it’s possible to connect different software, making a multidisciplinary analysis of the device.

Why Swift Electromagnet?

AUTOMATIC: Models are automatically generated
FAST: Reduces simulation time
CONNECTED: Other software can be connected with Python scripts

Swift Electromagnet can be used joint with Flux, for a deep electromagnetic analysis and Activate, a software used for electromagnetic, thermal and dynamics analysis. What you can achieve:

  • Force Vs. Stroke diagrams
  • Electrical and mechanical transient quantities on the basis of the real power supply
  • Sensitivity analysis on system parameters

Software categories: Swift

If you don’t have Swift Electromagnet yet, you can request a demo here

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