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Altair recently acquired PSIM software is indicated both for designing and simulating Power Electronics Systems. This software allows engineers to model and analyze the behavior of power circuits, converters and motor drives.

PSIM supports users at every stage of the product design process, from preliminary idea check to rapid control prototyping and hardware implementation.

This software having been specifically designed for power electronics applications, motor drives, EMI analysis, HEV propulsion system design, power supplies and LLC converters. The various field of use makes it the solidly best software on the market for over 25 years. A reliable software with a very rich resource library available to its users.

What are PSIM‘s main features of?

  • Circuit Simulation: PSIM allows users to create and simulate electrical circuits, particularly those involved in power electronics
  • Power Device Models: Includes models for various power electronic devices such as diodes, transistors and thyristors
  • Control Design: PSIM allows users to design and simulate control systems for power converters and motor drives
  • Renewable Energy Systems: It is often used to simulate systems related to renewable energy, such as solar inverters and wind power converters
  • Motor Drives: Engineers can use PSIM to model and analyze the performance of electric drives
  • Real-Time Simulation: Some versions of PSIM support real-time simulation, which is useful for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing

Advantages of using PSIM

Simulation software for power electronics such as PSIM offers many advantages, based on the specific needs of the user and the industry in which it is used. Some advantages associated with PSIM are:

  • Design and Optimization: PSIM allows engineers to design, simulate and optimize electrical circuits and power electronics systems before physically implementing them. This helps reduce development time and cut costs
  • Performance Analysis: The software allows detailed performance analysis of electrical circuits, including ones on power converters and motor drives. Users can evaluate dynamic characteristics, stability and other critical parameters
  • Development of Control Systems: PSIM supports the design and simulation of control systems for power converters. Engineers can evaluate the effectiveness of controllers in a virtual environment before practical implementation
  • Study of Renewable Energy Systems: PSIM is often employed to model and simulate renewable energy systems, such as solar inverters and wind power conversion systems

PSIM and Altair Software together

PSIM software integrates seamlessly with third-party software such as: MATLAB, Simulink, ModelSIM. lt works with any software that supports FMI.

If you are an Altair user, PSIM can be also integrated with other products including: Twin Activate, Ebed, Flux, FluxMotor and Motion Solve, for completing the design of your device.

So what are you waiting for?

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