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Synchronous reluctance motor rare-earth free

Spin is keen on developing know-how on reluctance motors: this takes us to produce this kind of motors. We analize it on different points of view: electromagnetic, thermal, mechanical and vibro-acoustic. We also include many tests on prototypes with a sensorless approach.

In this very moment, China has the monopoly of neodymium and rare earths. As we well know these materials are a fundamental part of the permanent magnet production, an essential component in brushless electric motors.

Our work has the solution for this: we just avoid using permanent magnets. It’s rare-earth free!

  • Permanent magnets without rare-earths involved: better ecological choice than the brushless alternative
  • No sliding contacts
  • No demagnetization of permanent magnets
  • No uncontrolled generation (UCG), specifically critical in electrical traction applications
  • No squirrel cage, reducing rotor’s leaks: this device has such a high efficiency than other synchronous devices
  • Good device strenght
  • Low production cost
  • Low rotor inactivity, guaranteeing a high dynamic response

The synchronous reluctance motor is the best in fault-tolerant applications.

Contact us for more information or to receive the catalog of our reluctance motors.

The synchronous reluctance motor is a solution that avoids permanent magnets and rare earths, and it’s also highly efficient:

  • Innovative Design
  • Silent
  • Fast
  • Efficient
  • In-expensive
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