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Spin has developed a specific know-how for analysing and constructing reluctance motors, taking into consideration all electromagnetic, thermal, mechanical and vibroacoustic aspects. We also perform continuous testing and analysis of “sensorless” control strategies.

In recent years, news about the economy and geopolitics have faced the issue regarding China’s rare earth policy and the tariff war going on between China and the US. For several years China has had a monopoly on the extraction and processing of neodymium and rare earths. These materials are crucial in the production of permanent magnets, which are the essential component of PM brushless electric motors.

For this reason, our work has become extremely important. In fact, for some time now Spin has been extensively studying this type of motor in order to produce efficient and performing electric motors without using rare earth-based permanent magnets.

The advantages of using synchronous reluctance motors designed and supplied by Spin are

  • High efficiency: up to IE5 standards!
  • Sturdiness: it is made up of few and sturdy components
  • Absence of permanent magnets containing rare earths which means they are more sustainable than our competitors’ brushless motors
  • Absence of sliding contacts
  • Absence of permanent magnets demagnetization
  • Absence of UCG (uncontrolled generation) which is particularly critical in electrical traction applications
  • Absence of squirrel cage rotors and minimized rotor losses, therefore guaranteeing higher efficiency compared to other asynchronous motors
  • Low cost of production
  • Low rotor inertia which guarantees a high dynamic motor response
  • Rotars are easily interchangeable as they are not magnetic

Synchronous reluctance motors are excellent to use in fault-tolerant applications.

Contact us for more information and request our reluctance motor catalog.

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