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FEM analysis, Finite Element Method, is used for engineering analysis and allows complex, non-homogenous and/or large objects to be studied in a simplified manner by transforming differential equations into computer-solvable systems. This process takes place by decomposing complex geometry into many small elements that can be analyzed individually. The decomposition of a complex model is referred to as a mesh, a kind of grid composed of many meshes that, due to the required accuracy, allows us to analyze every single point of interest in the model.

The finite element method makes it possible to analyze the desired types of analysis at any given point of the mesh, including: fatigue, mechanical stress, electromechanical quantities, thermal gradients.

The software that Spin’s team uses on a daily basis is based on the FEM method, and thanks to these powerful and professional calculation tools, they are able to design and/or correct critical elements of the device before the prototyping and production phase, reducing production time and costs by returning precise and accurate results.

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