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Spin’s laboratory is equipped with professional equipment capable of testing all magnetic properties of soft and hard materials and on finished samples including stators, rotating machines, and cores for electromagnets.

Our R&D department is constantly researching innovative materials to optimize customers’ devices and designs, and implementing automated and customized measurement setups.

We develop user friendly interfaces capable of returning accurate results in a short time including: Static Field Permeameter (DC), Coercimeter and AC Permeameter.

Measurements and material tests carried out in our laboratory comply with standards:

  • IEC 60404-3 AC permeability and losses for electrical steel
  • IEC 60404-4 DC permeability, coercivity and remanence
  • IEC 60404-5 permanent magnets
  • IEC 60404-7 coercimeter
  • IEC 60404-15 feebly magnetic materials

The available material analyses and tests are as follows

SamplesType of analysis
Stators, Rings, FoilsMagnetization curve B(H) and permeability µ(H) from DC to 1000 Hz
Specific losses Ps(B) and separation into eddy current and hysteresis losses up to 1000 Hz
Complete hysteresis cycle
Special measurementHysteresis modeling (Preisach, Jiles-Atherton)
Coercimeter (all sample shapes)
Arbitrarily shapedResidual induction Br and coercive force Hc on arbitrarily shaped samples
MagnetsBr measurement with Helmholtz coils
Complete measurement in the second quadrant and in temperature for permanent magnets
InstrumentsBrockhaus electric steel tester
SpinLab custom DC permeameter

The material characterization service includes

  • The possibility of witnessing material tests in the laboratory
  • Sample dimensional analysis and preparation
  • Magnetic characterization of samples
  • Data collection report

Samples on which laboratory analyses were carried out

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