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Spin collaborates with the company Intek: an independent test and measurement laboratory established in 1994 in the field of electrical/electronic, environmental and physical testing and measurement uncertainty calculation.

It also performs the necessary tests for presumption of conformity with the European Low Voltage, Electromagnetic Compatibility, RED and ATEX Directives.

The following tests can be requested:


The EMC department is able to provide regulatory advice, draw up test plans (Qualification Test Plan) and perform laboratory tests for numerous equipment categories in accordance with Directive 2014/30/EU (formerly 2004/108/EC), product, generic and basic EMC standards. The laboratory has a fully anechoic chamber (FAR) from SIDT for measurements at 3 m, equipped with a fume and exhaust gas extraction and evacuation system for tests on equipment with internal combustion engines.


The ATEX sector can provide regulatory advice and perform laboratory tests in accordance with the harmonised standards for Directive 2014/34/EU of the EN 60079 and EN 80079 series. It also performs tests according to the IEC 60079 series of standards for the IECEx scheme.

Low voltage test

This macrosector basically encompasses all safety and performance tests of electrical and electronic devices with a greater inclination towards the industrial product. The UL world is also part of the low voltage testing universe.

High power test

When high energies come into play, the sheer number and complexity of the phenomena involved – from electrodynamic forces to plasmas via thermodynamics – fascinates and captivates physics enthusiasts or even those approaching these tests for the first time. Intek has also carried out a study and subsequently published a mathematical method for calculating the power factor. IEC 60747-17 Challenge!

Electromagnetic pollution

The ever-increasing spread of electrical and electronic equipment has brought benefits to our daily lives, but has increased the consumption of electricity. Distributing electricity means building transmission lines that, in their path, outdoors or inside civil and industrial buildings, can generate electromagnetic fields whose intensity may not be compatible with normal human activities. The law defines the limits of these emissions; Intek can help you check and measure them.

Test and measurement laboratory

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