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Spin promotes the values of diversity, equality and inclusion within its company. Among Spin’s employees, our goal is to raise awareness and promote values such as respect and active listening. We organize team building activities and moments of discussion. Creating an environment in which each of us feels recognized and valued through the conscious use of words allows us to be a strong and cohesive group, working together to achieve company objectives. Our keywords are teamwork and mutual help.

But what do we mean by diversity, equality and inclusion?
In a corporate context, diversity, equality and inclusion refers to organizational policies aimed at guaranteeing the same rights and opportunities for everyone regardless of:
• gender and sexual orientation
• age
• ethnicity
• religion
• ideology
• disability
In Spin we want to value diversity fairly: we identify what makes each of us special by supporting people in a tailored way. The main objective is to help employees achieve individual objectives and work together towards Spin’s goals.
Diversity brings richness of content and methods, stimulates discussion and creativity, encourages innovation and productivity. Diversity starts open dialogue and conversation, mixing different backgrounds and ways of thinking that lead to different strategies and solutions.

Piacentia Half Maraton
La Placentia Half Marathon è organizzata dalla ASD Placentia, una associazione sportiva dilettantistica affiliata alla Fidal. La nostra storia, dal punto di vista organizzativo, è piuttosto lunga e ha inizio nel 1992. Chissà che prima o poi non si trovi il tempo per raccontarla. Per ora basta parlare di questa manifestazione che ci rappresenta in tutto e per tutto.

The word diversity should be understood as an element that differentiates us from one another and makes us unique.

Let’s take a phrase from the greatest and most famous promoter of peace and non-violence.

“Our ability to achieve unity in diversity will be the beauty and test of our civilization.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Spin’s commitment and the associations we have joined:

Il Grande Colibrì
Il Grande Colibrì is a voluntary association that seeks to promote a more open society in which there is space for equal rights for all people, regardless of their social, religious, ethnic backgrounds or their sexual orientation.
To keep the association alive, promote activities, support campaigns Il Grande Colibrì always accepts a little help: you can join the association, become a volunteer, make a donation (or you can all three things!)

Cerchi d’Acqua
Cerchi d’Acqua Social Cooperative is an anti-violence center in Milan that was established in 2000.
The center deals with violence against women and the consequences this entails on the psychophysical well-being of the people involved.
The premise of Cerchi d’Acqua is that every woman has within the,selves the strength and resources to escape violence and the group guarantees confidentiality, anonymity and practices non-judgment.
The cooperative’s team has many years of experience on harassment and violence and includes a team of admin workers, psychologists and therapists, lawyers, guidance counselors and trainers.
Cerchi d’Acqua belongs to the Network of Women’s Homes and Anti-Violence Centers in Lombardy. It is a founding member of D.i.Re. (Women Networking Against Violence), national association of anti-violence centers. It is one of the anti-violence centers to which the operators of the national number against violence 1522 established by the Ministry of Equal Opportunities refer to.
It is also part of the network of structures that deal with violence, coordinated by the Municipality of Milan.

Piacentia Half Marathon
Organized by ASD Placentia, the Placentia Half Marathon is an amateur sports association affiliated with Fidal. The story is quite long and began in 1992. Who knows, sooner or later we might find the space to tell it. For now, it’s enough to share this event which represents us in every way.

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