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This is an important day for us (November 10, 2020):

We are proud to announce to you Swift, the newest Spin Software.

Pre-Design Tools | Swift By Spin

Swift has been presented at Spin’s online Innovation Conference 2020. The event was about the importance of pre-design in industrial production, with massive participation: an important moment for all the field enthusiasts.

What is Swift?

Our passion is device design and analysis. We wanted a simple, user friendly interface to work with various parameters: electromagnetics, thermal, mechanical, control. Swift will simplify the prototype construction for production lines. Swift is made up with different applications: Axial Motor – analysis of axial flux electric motors, Electromagnet – analysis of linear electromagnet attuators and Magnet. Each application can be purchased and Swift can be customized based on any specific need.

Why the name Swift?

We believe in producing adaptable solutions and sometimes smartness is the key. The software had to recall velocity, fastness, simplicity. The Communication and Marketing team ran examples to the Tech department to analyze the engagement and then we finally chose it. Swift. Fresh, simple, adaptable, like our team!

We like playing, so the acronym is: Spin With Innovation For Tecnology.

Innovation is what we believe in: finding the most simple, exciting solution has always been our priority. In 2020 the world is a distanced one and Swift can be a reliable device to let the pressure of mistakes go away.

The logo is all about the velocity. Remember when in movies a spaceship takes a ligh-year leap? As it disappears the only thing that we see is a lightning bolt. This is what we want you to think when you will tap on the icon to open it.

Now go, experiment all Swift’s applications and request the demo to see the whole thing!

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