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When we talk about the analysis of a system, we usually have to consider two or more components involved. Analyzing multiple components simultaneously requires the use of different design software that can analyze the various aspects of the device and make them coexist in a single environment to analyze their operation. For example, it is possible to use: Twin Activate, Flux and PSIM; three powerful tools needed for the analysis both simple and complex systems.

Altair Twin Activate for Multidisciplinary Simulation

Altair TWIN Activate is a tool for multidisciplinary simulation based on a block diagram modeling environment. It allows:

  • 1D system simulations to evaluate the performance of the complete product or an individual part
  • Thanks to its block diagrams, more complex systems involving sensors, actuators etc. can be simulated
  • Allows modeling of physical, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and thermal components
  • Allows 3D modeling making the design more realistic

Altair Flux for electromagnetic, electrical and thermal analysis

Altair Flux has become the landmark of the industry, becoming an essential tool for all designers of electromagnetic equipment. It precisely captures and optimizes the performance, efficiency, size and weight of the device. Flux is able to simulate magnetostatic, stationary and transient conditions, as well as electrical and thermal properties.

Thanks to the connection to one multi-physics optimization cycle and the automation of the process, it is possible to obtain optimal visualization of complex scenarios, quickly with reliable results.

Why did we tell you about Altair Twin Activate and Altair Flux in system analysis?

As described in the previous article, PSIM is the best tool for designing and simulating power electronics systems, and it integrates seamlessly with the other two software programs.

It is well known that integration between two or more software, usually implies long simulation times, but time is important. The first step in good design is to take advantage of the characteristics of each software to achieve maximum degrees of accuracy in the results.

To give you an example of the co-simulation of Altair PSIM, Twin Activate and Flux, we made a practical example, carried out by our R&D department where it is possible to see the simple and intuitive interface.

Remember that it is possible to have a free trial for 30 days to test the software’s potential.

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