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In the technical magazine “Electric Motor Engineering” (Issue 1, March 2021) it is possible to find an article that represents our main activities: electromagnetic, vibroacoustic and thermal analyses on electric motors. In particular, an innovative axial-flux permanent magnet motor has been optimized and simulated to increase its electromagnetic performance and to decrease its vibrations, noise and working temperatures. This multiphysics approach allows to design an electric motor solution that meets the requirements and the NVH specifics imposed by an initial project. In fact, after the sizing procedure that makes the electric machine meet the electromagnetic performance, it is important to perform vibroacoustic and thermal simulations in order to ensure that the motor does not exceed the temperature limits imposed by the insulating materials and that, at the same time, does not produce excessive noise during its operation.

To know more about our work on the AFPM motor, read the article!

ELECTRICMOTOR ENGINEERING – tecniche nuove – March 2021

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