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Training For Engineers


Spin provides support and assistance for companies, research centers, engineers and doctoral students with implementing new projects, organizing training courses. We also offer undergraduates the necessary know-how and assistance in order for them to develop their work according to the latest scientific progress. Finally, we offer subject-related webinars on software or other specific topics in the field of electromagnetics and mechanical design.

Training courses starting this month

august, 2021

Come do your thesis research in Spin

If you are a graduate student and you want to develop your thesis on a topic relevant to the sectors we deal with, please submit it to us. Not only will you be able to prepare your thesis at Spin, but you will also have one of our experts as your supervisor. Please remember to include all relevant details regarding your studies and thesis.

Come do an internship in Spin

If you have recently graduated in one of the fields we deal with and would like to do an internship to get experience in an exciting and stimulating work environment with a group of determined and motivated people, send us your application. Please remember to include all details regarding your education, specialization, thesis title, graduation year and name of supervisor.

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